A Year To Myself

February last year, I became single after ending an 11-month long relationship, which was beautiful enough to last for a time but not forever. And funnily as if there wasn’t any better time, on that perfect lovely day when exclusively (or not) dating young men and ladies, boyfriends and girlfriends, engaged and married couples, and all other kinds of lovers were celebrating their love – February 14, 2013 – I declared to all my systems from my split ends to the callouses on my toes that at least for one year, I will have no other lover than myself. That was a deal.

And I made it to a year all to myself.

During little gatherings with friends or side chats with officemates, a usual question would make its way to the conversation, “Don’t you miss dating someone?” Damn it, of course I do. I miss that feeling, you know what I’m talking about.

But the question, though tempting and strongly suggestive, also appeared to challenge me as to how far I can go with the deal. And I’m glad I managed to keep myself at pace.

Through this period, albeit relatively short, I believe I’ve come to understand a lot about loving myself and the lessons keep coming.

1. Love yourself and love it more each and every day. Because it is wise to realize that if in case no one else will be there to love you, you have your very own self who will never leave you come what may.

2. Those who leave are not meant to stay. So please don’t allot an eternity to mourn over a breakup. You don’t have forever to fool around a drama not worth crying for. Always be ready to get your shit together and love again, with a little bit more caution than before.

3. If you love yourself, you become a sturdy foundation of a lasting relationship. Otherwise, your lack of confidence, trust, and respect for yourself might even cause your partner to question him/herself how s/he did even come to like you.

I know it sounds like I recommend staying single. Well, up to you. We all have our own preferences in life. Go figure it out. 😉


A Year To Myself

Love & Morning Sugar Rush

November 2. I had to leave home very early since I didn’t intend to wear a “sweat-look” from chasing time through rush hours. So I left at 6:15, took a short ride to the  van terminal, and got myself some little space at the backseat, between a fat man and a skinny boy.

I found my target location, which was the office, at exactly 7:10. Luckily and unluckily. “Right, pretty good two hours,” I thought. And justified by not having eaten breakfast at home, I backtracked a little to this popular-but-not-necessarily-pretty town mall, where I found Jollibeeeee! 😀

Not many diners and I loved it. That kind of ambiance I needed. I ordered a pancake meal (2 pancakes, a small cup of butter, another small cup of maple syrup), which came with a cup of hot chocolate. This sugar-sweet grace. 🙂

Truly, I was just killing time there, idling with my cup of chocolate, daydreaming through my playlist on my phone, watching people come and go unhurriedly.

Unhurriedly, of course, it was November 2 – a Halloween holiday. And there I was with everything I brought with me, composing myself for a nearing job interview. HaHaHa. I could’ve been pissed by the fact, but honestly and surprisingly enough, I wasn’t. I had a truly relaxing me-time and I simply loved it. 🙂P.S. I didn’t really have any business with my lovely handy-dandy notebook and this wealthy-looking pen [I’ve bought at only 15 pesos]. I took them out just for this photo! 😀

‘Til my next me-time, and may it be so soon. 😉

*label designs “greatly” inspired by le zoe musings*

Love & Morning Sugar Rush