At a Small Town Resto

Yesterday was long and tiring but in the middle of it, I found something of my interest. I had lunch at this small town restaurant called “Wa Nam sa Bukid” with my workmates. I honestly don’t know what “wa nam” means, but surely “sa bukid” means “in the mountains”. What mattered was the really good food, made even better by the fact that we all had them as a treat. 🙂

Then I saw these frames hanging on the restaurant walls; they’re too beautiful to stay unnoticed. Unfortunately, they were hanging too high for me to read the signature. Up to now I’m still wondering if these frames were entirely painted or they were half painted, half photographed. Although I couldn’t imagine yet how the latter could have been done.
I wish I had a closer look at these frames so I could have figured what they really were – paintings or  digitally manipulated photographs. Anyway, one way or the other, I adore these artworks and I’m now wishing I can also make at least one. 🙂

Above is the Wa Nam sa Bukid restaurant in Batangas City, which serves really good Filipino dishes plus unlimited vegetable side dish. 🙂

At a Small Town Resto