Things I Learned Out of Being a Weekend WordPress Potato

I learned a few new things from spending the whole weekend reading blogs! Hehehe 🙂

1. There’s a Ghanaian artist named El Anatsui, whose undeniably amazing artworks have gone around Europe and the US for art exhibitions. I just heard of him and his incredible “Man’s Cloth” earlier today and I’m definitely going to know more about this talented man.

2. There’s this I’ll-Do-Everything-For-My-Blog type of people.  It’s amazing what people can do to keep their blogs going. And it’s not for the “likes”. Like in one blog, I read about a woman who so loves poetry and what she does is deliver a batch of poems to a coffee shop, hoping that people would spare time for a literary breather while enjoying their warm cups of coffee. Personally, I love the idea and I appreciate the effort.

3. There’s a huge issue around this global educational system of categorizing students such as: a) the excellent ones who will have bright futures, and b) the average students who will probably have average lives. There’s the obvious disadvantage, of course. As for me, I haven’t gone deeply into the subject matter, and it would really be great to have this as something to ponder on.

4. There’s an online store for vintage items called Etsy. Check it out here. There’s also another interesting online shop doing a very eco-friendly gimmick of planting trees somewhere in the wild; each tree named after each and every customer. I wish to mention that store here ’cause what they do is really interesting and relevant. I’m gonna look up again for that blog where I found the store.

In terms of the number of blogs I read this weekend, I had a lot. But tomorrow is Monday and I’ve got to be sleeping by now, if I don’t want to be two minutes late for work. So, this is just to name a few.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, people! 🙂

Things I Learned Out of Being a Weekend WordPress Potato