Sunday Brekky @ Breakfast in Bed

This is the cutest stall in our neighborhood, right downstairs of our condo. It’s called Breakfast in Bed. And because I find the place really pretty and cozy, I finally took my chance to photograph some of their stuff including the food. 🙂

BB_01A cozy chair with round cushions piled up on it, looking like macaroons. 🙂

BB_02Locally called “Champorado”, made of rice cooked in choco-cocoa and then added with evaporated milk. Best with fried sun-dried fish!

BB_03Some pretty old-school trinkets over at the corner adding to the “country-ish, shabby chic-ky” feel of the resto. I could imagine how they were once copper and rusty before they bathed in white paint.:)

BB_04I thought I fell in love with this lavender and white stripes placemat. Modern and dainty!

BB_05That’s my hat! Even lovelier with all the colors happening around.

BB_06And these chairs made for comfort, you wouldn’t want to stand up anytime soon. 😀

I think that’s all for a quick tour around a tiny pretty nook. 🙂

Sunday Brekky @ Breakfast in Bed

Love & Morning Sugar Rush

November 2. I had to leave home very early since I didn’t intend to wear a “sweat-look” from chasing time through rush hours. So I left at 6:15, took a short ride to the  van terminal, and got myself some little space at the backseat, between a fat man and a skinny boy.

I found my target location, which was the office, at exactly 7:10. Luckily and unluckily. “Right, pretty good two hours,” I thought. And justified by not having eaten breakfast at home, I backtracked a little to this popular-but-not-necessarily-pretty town mall, where I found Jollibeeeee! 😀

Not many diners and I loved it. That kind of ambiance I needed. I ordered a pancake meal (2 pancakes, a small cup of butter, another small cup of maple syrup), which came with a cup of hot chocolate. This sugar-sweet grace. 🙂

Truly, I was just killing time there, idling with my cup of chocolate, daydreaming through my playlist on my phone, watching people come and go unhurriedly.

Unhurriedly, of course, it was November 2 – a Halloween holiday. And there I was with everything I brought with me, composing myself for a nearing job interview. HaHaHa. I could’ve been pissed by the fact, but honestly and surprisingly enough, I wasn’t. I had a truly relaxing me-time and I simply loved it. 🙂P.S. I didn’t really have any business with my lovely handy-dandy notebook and this wealthy-looking pen [I’ve bought at only 15 pesos]. I took them out just for this photo! 😀

‘Til my next me-time, and may it be so soon. 😉

*label designs “greatly” inspired by le zoe musings*

Love & Morning Sugar Rush