My pocket is empTEA

Oriental medicine, Science, and all of the Tea community agree to the lengthy list of health benefits derived from tea. But admittedly, I wouldn’t have grown a love for tea if not for milktea, the yummier variation. Iced milktea? Hah, one medium to large glass, with 25 to 30 percent sugar level, should save my day from all shits. And there goes one of my all-time guilty pleasures!

Me: Milktea is my Rescue 9-1-1. It’s like miktea a day keeps the friggin’ stress away!2013-02-24 17.43.45

Pocket: Non-debatable, I would have to agree with respect to all the hearsay coming around, and even if it would take my lifetime to wish for a taste of that thing. But milktea’s health benefits are actually cut off somewhere.

Me: But it’s “instantly” refreshing, yeah? I-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y. And I mean, apart from its incredibly long list of health benefits. I suppose you understand how it feels to be pinned down on your work station the whole damn day, and then you start longing for something really refreshing….

Pocket: Like a darn chilled fruit shake that gives you a very sudden brain freeze?

Me: No, not brain freeze. You don’t understand. It’s just that good sensation when your brains get a bit ticklish, not frozen.

Pocket: Yeah? Because whenever I hear you say, “One large wintermelon, please, 25 percent sugar,” I swear Babe, I cringe and freeze.

Me: Like you…cringe and freeze?

Pocket: Damn yeah, so milktea’s not healthy for me, y’ know? ‘Cause your milktea time always means you pulling out my innards, and that’s brutal. You dig into me and take my parts and return a few flattened round materials. And they’re HEAVY. And NOISY. And…and…and I DON’T LIKE THEM!!!

Me: Hey, you talk too much, you’re stressing me out big time! In the first place, are you supposed to be talking? You’re just a pocket! A talking pocket now, and YOU’RE SCARING THE HELL OUT OF ME!

Pocket: Uh oh, bad move….

Me: I’m going down. I need ONE LARGE WINTERMELON MILKTEA, 25% SUGAR.

At the end of the day…

Me: Goodness not so gracious! My pocket is empty…again.

Pocket: I am empTEA.


Enjoy your tea sessions, people!

Loving you to infiniTEA, Ayna 😉

My pocket is empTEA

Monday Migraine Sent Me Home

This is by far the most unproductive Monday I’ve had since I started working, and I blame that terrible migraine, which I could feel blaming me back now, endlessly.

People call it the Monday Blues – that bad and restless mood you get out of having to drag yourself back to work after being a couch potato for an entire weekend. I never hated Mondays for the “drag” though. I hate Mondays for the almost impossible traffic they cause at the very start of the week. This traffic I’m talking about includes the infuriating overloading of all city buses. I swear, it sucks.

But my migraine started even before the Monday traffic. It started just when I woke up and rose from bed and felt dizzy while rummaging for an outfit, while taking a long bath, while doing everything needed to be done before leaving for work. And “everything” there included how many times of going around, up and down the house – that I couldn’t keep track of.

In the bus, I became a sandwich filling or a raisin in a bread, stuck and squeezed and immobile because I was stuck and squeezed. But I was grateful to notice I could still breathe even if I had to hold it for a couple of times. Sure I felt sweat on my nose there.

In the morning, at work, I had to stop every ten minutes and close my eyes, look away from the monitor, and just let them rest. The migraine was already knocking on my skull. Then, I had to eat lunch earlier because I couldn’t stand my hunger, I knew hyperacidity was already on its way and I couldn’t stand that, not while at work. I was getting dizzy in the first place.

In the afternoon, I had to stop and rest like every five minutes, and bury my head in my red pillow. I just had to. My eyes were freakin’ tired and my brain wasn’t working, I thought my brain cells escaped my head. And there was this pinching sensation on the back part of my head. It was excruciating, I wouldn’t last over five minutes working on emails.

‘Til I decided I should go, after considering the advice from my office-mates that I better take a rest at home. I did. Because the migraine was getting too bad, I knew I couldn’t manage an overtime for today, not even just until 06:00 – my timeout.

So I went home, rode a bus where I was fighting the pain by trying to nap. I’ve been longing for my bed the whole day! When I got in the house, I hurried upstairs to my bed and… “ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

“ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………………..” *snoring*

Monday Migraine Sent Me Home

Hurray to my Chicken Pesto Cream!

pesto_02I got another five-star remark from brother, and I’m “deeeyyyymmm” proud! 😀

And by the way, I really didn’t intend this to be a foodie blog, but since my brother had challenged my cooking skills, I’d rather post photos of my kitchen outputs. HEHEHE!

And I’d love M to try this because he loves pesto! 🙂


Hurray to my Chicken Pesto Cream!

Healthy Snackin’

Junk food makes a good snack because it’s fun to eat!!! French fries and all fries, burgers, chips, popcorn, and unlimited sodaaa. Oh, grace.

But we should know better than tolerate our indulgence to unhealthy living. And funny, I don’t sound like myself in that sentence. 😀

I’ve always loved junk food that if only it could be what’s staple then my taste buds would savor glory forever. But no. And thanks to my boyfriend for always reminding me to give my kidneys a break. I’m not sure who’s more health-conscious but when it comes to eating junk food, my boyfriend always wins the discipline.

And indeed, a healthy break happened, thanks to my sister for inviting me to come over. Since we were little, she’s always been sickly. But now that she’s so close to being a wife and a mom perhaps, she knows so well how extra careful she should be. That goes for food, especially. Besides her own health, she also has to take care of her fiance’s nutritional diet and weight loss so she’s been working up as much healthy recipes she can.

As for my week-long layover, I got these…

mango-red pepper salsa & butter toast
protein-packed tuna pita
banana-peanut butter shake

…and some more! (I missed taking photos.)

There was mashed potato dressed with some kind of mayo and celery. And caesar salad, too! 🙂

Then, I figured it somehow feels good to brush off some guilt from my unhealthy diet. At least sometimes. Hahaha! Huge thanks, sisterrr!

Healthy Snackin’