Italian & Mexican in One


I’d say, apart from the church visit, Sundays are best spent with good food. Really good food!

Thanks AGAIN to my sister and my soon-to-be brother-in-law for such awesome dinner: home-made Italian pasta and Mexican tacos.

I wonder what combination is next? 😉

Italian & Mexican in One

My Good-looking Plate

I don’t have to deny, neither will I, that I’m nooo good at cooking. I can do well at the dining table, picking and tasting at least a little of everything. But preparing food worthy of anybody’s awe has always remained an awful challenge to me.

But once upon an early evening, I came across this feel-good mood to try once more this very simple recipe I once failed to make. Sorry, HeHeHe. It’s a Filipino/Pinoy breakfast dish called Beef Tapa. It’s very easy to cook, honestly, and how I failed at it? Well, I mixed up its ingredients with another recipe called Adobo, so in the end, what I got to serve was Beef Adobo. And there’s no such recipe as Beef Adobo. 😀

But this time, I got it right and I felt darn victorious to have earned five stars (meaning “very good”) from my older brother! Yeeeyyyy! And not only that I cooked it right, I also tried an arty plate presentation: my Beef Tapa together with its perfect side dish – egg and tomatoes! 🙂

And here’s my little kitchen project. I’m damn proud, yeah! 😀

See? I can cook. I can cook! And sure, there’s someone so happy for that – M, my boyfriend. HaHaHa 😀

*You can check out the recipe here:

My Good-looking Plate