We shared the beginning and the end. But we parted somewhere in between. – AG

My first home. Cradled me safe in her womb. Whispered to me, “My child, be strong.” Now I’m bigger than you. But your heart, it’s bigger, stronger. Teach me. One day, I’m going to need mine to be as strong…in case God decides to build in me another home. – AG

To live truly is to be always grateful for every little thing that sprouts from an unforgiving misery. – AG

To know a lot about the way of the world is fatal. To stay innocent is to be a little safe. – AG

History is history, but not every bit of it. It’s still the same old sky dinos used to look up at. – AG

Even just a hint of a smile will get you through whatever. – AG

The only reason I hate milktea is that it’s too delicious to be too cheap. – AG

The way I am and the way I am not. That’s exactly my story. – AG

When it’s not happiness, but sadness that plays music for the soul of your being. Sometimes, it’s with sadness that we feel more human. – AG

The goodness of not knowing what to do. Freedom for the soul. – AG

Life is like a piece of art. It’s always more interesting and more beautiful with a few mistakes. – AG


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