My Summer I-Really-Wish List

AGbyVS21. SURFING BOARD.ย I’ve always loved the beach and everything about it – naturally beautiful from sunrise to sundown. More often than not, I enjoy watching people skimboarding – trying and trying really hard not to stumble off their boards and *BLAAGGG*!!!ย Skadoosh. I laugh because admittedly “the moment of fall” is usually funny…so I laugh. Uhm, yes, boisterously, HAHAHA!ย (No mean intentions) ๐Ÿ™‚

I envy them, too. I’ve also always dreamed of becoming a surfing pro. Seriously? Seriously. Someone might say, “” Of course, but I’m serious anyway. I drool over movies about surfing while imagining myself the surfing champ in the story. You know Blue Crush? Good Lord, I envy Dana and the other female surfing pros. They’re great, they’re amazing, and of course, the stunt people if there were any.

I wish I know how to surf. I really wish, so I could just play with waves big time.

2. CELLO. Summer music? What crosses my mind first is reggae of Uncle Bob. Then party songs, line dance music, countryside beat. But I want music from the cello. Ye~ah, it’s low-toned, a bit lonely and boring, but to me it sounds exactly like…music. Familiar with Steven Sharp Nelson ofย The Piano Guys? He’s exceptional at playing the cello and yes, I’m a fan!

I wish I know how to play the cello. I really wish, so I could just play the kind of music I love.

3. OFFICE DESK ON THE BEACH.ย Who wouldn’t want that? If only I could drag my desk to the shore, I wouldn’t mind rendering OTs. Moon bathing is just as lovely!

I really wish, so I could somehow play while working.

4. MOTORBIKE.ย I tried, I swear I tried learning how to maneuver a motorbike but it was either I couldn’t make a right turn or I drove straight into the ditch!ย But if only I know how to, I would’ve driven down the countryside, escape the city to somewhere where I could breathe in real air and wouldn’t have to sneeze it back out. I would’ve packed for myself a good snack, which I would slowly munch at a layby while taking in the offers of the rustic side of the world.

I wish I know how to drive. I really wish, so I could just play with the bike, with my balance, with the road, and with each lovely passing sight.

5. JARVIS. Right, Iron Man.ย If I have my own Just-ARather-Very-Intelligent-System, I would have something slash someone to do the hassle for me.

I really wish, so I could just play lazy, LOL!

BUT matter-of-factly, I’m merely wishing upon the summer skies. It’s fine, I’m not really on a crazy chase for these things, but at least I’ve thought of some things to wish for. It’s fun!ย For now, I’m just gonna play all I can, the way I can.

Wishing you love this summer, Ayna ๐Ÿ™‚

My Summer I-Really-Wish List

Things I Learned Out of Being a Weekend WordPress Potato

I learned a few new things from spending the whole weekend reading blogs! Hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

1. There’s a Ghanaian artist named El Anatsui, whose undeniably amazing artworks have gone around Europe and the US for art exhibitions. I just heard of him and his incredible “Man’s Cloth” earlier today and I’m definitely going to know more about this talented man.

2. There’s this I’ll-Do-Everything-For-My-Blog type of people.ย  It’s amazing what people can do to keep their blogs going. And it’s not for the “likes”. Like in one blog, I read about a woman who so loves poetry and what she does is deliver a batch of poems to a coffee shop, hoping that people would spare time for a literary breather while enjoying their warm cups of coffee. Personally, I love the idea and I appreciate the effort.

3. There’s a huge issue around this global educational system of categorizing studentsย such as: a) the excellent ones who will have bright futures, and b) the average students who will probably have average lives. There’s the obvious disadvantage, of course. As for me, I haven’t gone deeply into the subject matter, and it would really be great to have this as something to ponder on.

4. There’s an online store for vintage items called Etsy.ย Check it out here. There’s also another interesting online shop doing a very eco-friendly gimmick of planting trees somewhere in the wild; each tree named after each and every customer. I wish to mention that store here ’cause what they do is really interesting and relevant. I’m gonna look up again for that blog where I found the store.

In terms of the number of blogs I read this weekend, I had a lot. But tomorrow is Monday and I’ve got to be sleeping by now, if I don’t want to be two minutes late for work. So, this is just to name a few.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, people! ๐Ÿ™‚

Things I Learned Out of Being a Weekend WordPress Potato

Hurray to my Chicken Pesto Cream!

pesto_02I got another five-star remark from brother, and I’m “deeeyyyymmm” proud! ๐Ÿ˜€

And by the way, I really didn’t intend this to be a foodie blog, but since my brother had challenged my cooking skills, I’d rather post photos of my kitchen outputs. HEHEHE!

And I’d love M to try this because he loves pesto! ๐Ÿ™‚


Hurray to my Chicken Pesto Cream!

One Messy Kitchen Stand

It’s been long since the last time I doodled something, and I terribly missed the feeling of making something out of your own talent. And right now, I’m at the kitchen table killing time with the ever-amazing Internet, which I also missed after having gone out for this fun job I have. ๐Ÿ™‚

In front of me is this – our messy kitchen stand! HaHaHa This is the picture of our kitchen stuff being absolutely spontaneous; in other words, when we don’t clean up. Anyway, it was for the mess that I found this view interesting enough for a pastime drawing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

One Messy Kitchen Stand

Kinda Dressing Up for Halloween

Meet Mio! Mio Almohade. She’s my character in Sims Social on Facebook. I’m shopping for her Halloween wardrobe. — Right, she doesn’t look scary at all. HaHaHa. But I prefer she remains pretty and elegant in black and white. Maybe I’ll just add a bit like a headdress or mask, at least anything outlandish. ๐Ÿ˜€

Meanwhile, the house is -well- “kinda” ready too, I guess. Maybe a bit more for the Halloween party! ๐Ÿ˜€

Kinda Dressing Up for Halloween