From Hair Tie to Necklace

There weren’t enough to call it a collection, but I used to submit to this stubborn impulse of buying and keeping stylish hair ties. Unfortunately, I don’t keep a photo of them altogether. They were mostly cheap finds from unpopular side stores, albeit I had a few expensive ones from Broadway Gems – a store famous for pretty hair accessories.

And my favorite hair tie was also one from Broadway Gems. It was mainly brown with shiny brown pearls, gold and brown flower cutouts, and some clear beads tied altogether in a braid of brown lace. I really wish I had a photo, sadly I could just describe it now.

What I’m trying to say here is, “Don’t throw old stuff right away.” You might want to think of something good to do with them first, salvage them from their original form which might be useless now, and turn them into something else. 🙂



Like my old hair tie made into a necklace! 🙂 Of course there came a time when the band had loosened too much it couldn’t hold my pony tail anymore. I’ve kept my hair tie untouched for such a long time but after almost seven years, I decided to cut it, dismantle its hair tie form, and rearrange its parts.
I couldn’t include everything like the flower cutouts and the clear beads, the shape of tiny strawberries. I had to make the design a little classy while keeping it very simple. So I decided to work out the pearls and the brown lace. Very simple indeed! I only had to separate the pearls by making knots side by side each one of them.
After that plus a little more time working on the lock, I’ve made a newly redesigned accessory – arty, fashionable, and zero-cost! 😉

From Hair Tie to Necklace

It’s Harumika Playtime!

Visiting M’s mom’s place is like going to art school! That means I spend most of the time with my little playmate, one of M’s two little sisters. We draw greeting cards, color them, make bead bracelets and bead bottles, and design popsicle sticks.

My little playmate also has this big box of cloth scraps, which her granny brought for her. And shuffled among the scraps are three harumika mannequins, which she plays with her mom and her older sister. They usually play the harumika time as a contest; mom never wins and we know why. 😀

One time, my little playmate stayed upstairs playing with her sister. M, as he always is every time we visit his mom’s place, was also stuck at playing his game. And there I was playing, too, with the harumika mannequins, dressing them up in any ways I could come up with. It was fun! I thought I loved every design I pulled off, so I grabbed M’s camera and took shots of them all. Even more fun! 🙂

Here, let me show you! *Click on the sampler photo.*

This photo is linked to my other website, which is a fashion designing website I call DewBerry Fashion Collection. In case you want to check out some of my designs, please feel free to visit. 🙂

It’s Harumika Playtime!

Saving My Old Clothes



What the hell did I do to my favorite pair of pants? haha! So this is a hint of what happens to my old clothes when boredom catches me. 😀

This was once a pair of pants, and yes, my favorite back in high school. Just earlier this month, I found it while rummaging through my big bags of old clothes. Suddenly, I was kind of hoping it would still fit me well, but to no avail. Ohoh, poor me. It wouldn’t work as a pair of pants anymore, I thought.


So I did the most honorable thing I could think of to save myself from the fact that I could barely get my legs in them. Two-thirds of the length maybe. And…chaaanaaa, a new pair of micro-mini shorts! 🙂


But before I could express all of my happiness, I found another…thing. 😉 It was an old blouse left by a friend, forgotten and stuck in my bag in a period of forever. I decided there was no other way to save this piece than make it a part of another. The bottom part would do, I thought.


A…nd, there you go! The top part of my old jeans + the bottom part of my friend’s old blouse = a skirt. 😉


The thing is…I wasn’t able to save myself from the fact that my waistline is no more 23-24 in. Right, it doesn’t fit me still. So, I’m giving this away. I think. (?) Or not. 😀

Saving My Old Clothes