I conclude July…the beach-y way!

With a not-very-well-planned last week of July, I headed off to some place this time in the south. It was my first out-of-town with my new circle of friends slash my awesome office-mates.

Let me tell you. These photos don’t bear the epic story of the first half of this trip. Misfortune after misfortune like we had no right to be in the place…at all. Thank the good Lord, we were just too tired to rant over what was going on, and all we could do was laugh at the weekend plans slowly slipping through the midnight and the friggin’ cold mountain air.

So by morning, we only had Sunday left of the weekend and hell yeah, it was all FUN! πŸ™‚








Therefore, I conclude, heads up for the next epic weekend outing. July, you were just so awesome! πŸ™‚

I conclude July…the beach-y way!

Got a new couch, absolutely FREE!

So I was like gone for a couple of weeks, sleeplessly preparing for our event, which, thank God, turned out very well. And now, I’m back in the “real world”…where I make my way home at the end of the day, find my bed with my pillows and blanket to lull me to sleep, the green and white curtains ever refreshing, the toilet I am most comfortable with…and of course my messy heap of clothes. Make that “very messy”. @_@

Tsa-daaa, there’s my NEW BED!


It’s a couch, I know. It’s new and I got it for FREE, yeyyy! πŸ˜€

So after a whole week of five-star living, which I barely felt because of such unbelievable workload, I came home thinking I’d find my bed ready or unready to hug me. But I actually ended up on this comfy couch, which is quite clingy, it wouldn’t let me stand up no matter how hungry I was. I slept and slept and slept on it like there was no tomorrow. In fact, I’ve started this post several hours ago but since my new bed is just right there and I could easily see it…well, I’ve been taking good naps for several hours, too. πŸ™‚

So I think I just got myself a new resting place, where I could just throw myself to before heading upstairs for the “real sleep”.

I’m tired but I feel fulfilled. I’m very tired but I have a “new bed” FOR FREE, so who cares? Haha! I’m dead tired but it was aaall worth it. Thank God! πŸ˜‰

Got a new couch, absolutely FREE!

My Birthday Wishlist

Yo ho, it’s time for another wishlist! I got here a few stuff, which I’d love to name, in hopes that at least two of my friends, and I mean my brother and my sister, would see this list…and you know what should happen next. πŸ˜€

1. A quality set of colored pencils.Β I miss killing time with some hobbies, honestly.

2. A thick sketch pad.Β No more pages to draw on. Pity.

3. Lots of white and silver paint.Β I believe that every now and then I will find something good to paint white or silver. Can be a broken toy, an old ladle or something.

4. Half-dozen pairs of pants.Β Other than the two most probable reasons why I don’t have a lot of pants (a. I didn’t have time to shop when I had the money / b. I didn’t have money when I had time to shop), I’m not sure, too, why I don’t have at least enough pants.

Or yeah, maybe because I’ve cut most of them more than halfway through the length. I have a good number of shorts. πŸ˜€

5. A lovely scarf.Β Always a gift I wish for!

6. Time.Β *Now wishing for the impossible.*Β Someone please buy me at least half a year more because I’m so damn not ready for thiiiiiiiisss, hohoho!

But then, it’s TICK-TOCK TICK-TOCK. In 18 minutes, it’s gonna be my <insert figure here>th Birthdaaaayyyy! Waaaaaaaahhh…

To God, my God, please bless this day.


My Birthday Wishlist

Careless Perfectionist

I took a personality test administered by my sister, who is neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist, but who is fond of reading people’s personalities. About a hundred attitudinal statements and situations to be rated according to frequency. In short, my test results said that I am magical, and more of adventurous, and that I am mostly perfectionist. The negative equivalent is that I am a schizo, more of an ADHD patient, and mostly obsessive-compulsive. The OC. And I was like…me? OC? And from there, I concluded that personality tests are not that reliable. Or so I believe.

Let me explain. From beginning, whensoever it was, and until further notice, I’ve never seriously considered myself as ze OC. I mean, my goodness, it’s a hell of a news to my brother when I get to fold my blanket or my clothes in my dresser, or at least align my shoes among theirs. And then that test telling me I’m 99% OC. Uhmmm…?????????? I’m sorry? πŸ˜€

But something happened at work today and while I was making my way home and even until now, I am restless about the mistake I made. Revenue computation. So I’m now as restless as a bunny aware of my sneaky “snakey” predator posing in a corner lusting over the shape of my meat.

I realized that…this is the cliche part of every blog post. Hehehe. πŸ™‚ There, I realized that I am indeed a perfectionist just a little too late in employing that perfectionist in me. Because now, the question that’s breaking my skull is, “Why…why…why the hell did it go wrong?” Why did I allow that? How come I didn’t do double-checking, triple-checking?Β Where and when did I make the wrong turn? The self-questioning goes on and on, so I’m wondering what time I can manage to sleep tonight. Gah.

Careless perfectionist, then. A perfectionist in the sense that I imagine everything to be perfect, at best, no wrongs, no mistakes; everything to be pretty neat. But then, ironically, I am not careful enough to bring things to their perfect state. I hurry a lot, cutting that very fine line between perfection and failure. I expect the best of things without seriously taking the precautions. I want perfection, only that I am careless enough to miss it.

So there. One thing I’ve got to ponder on, accept and resolve.

What I’m trying to share here is that, simply humans as we are, we have the right to that imperfection embedded in our being humans. But we can at least wish for perfection, give at least a bit of a try to be our best, be more careful not merely to dodge the dangers of the wrongs, but to work for self-improvement, self-discipline, and great things like that.

Goodness gracious, that didn’t sound like me. Thus, it’s good thing I wrote this post for me to have something to go back to and learn from this whosoever self I have right now. πŸ˜€

Alright. That’s all. Goodnight and may the blessings of perfection be ever in our favor.

Careless Perfectionist

Recycling Coke’s Plastic Bottle

Recycling Coke's Plastic Bottle

Just before I almost decided to throw the plastic bottle of Coke, I got slapped with a brilliant, artistic idea!

1. Cut the bottle in half. Use the half with the bottom part.
2. Cut into strips; stop halfway to the bottom.
3. Burn/Melt the strips with lighted candle, but don’t “over-burn.”
4. When heated, the strips bend this and that way, so better observe with the first few strips.
5. Once you’ve shaped it to how you desired it to look like, wash and wipe.

That’s all. πŸ™‚