Monday Migraine Sent Me Home

This is by far the most unproductive Monday I’ve had since I started working, and I blame that terrible migraine, which I could feel blaming me back now, endlessly.

People call it the Monday Blues – that bad and restless mood you get out of having to drag yourself back to work after being a couch potato for an entire weekend. I never hated Mondays for the “drag” though. I hate Mondays for the almost impossible traffic they cause at the very start of the week. This traffic I’m talking about includes the infuriating overloading of all city buses. I swear, it sucks.

But my migraine started even before the Monday traffic. It started just when I woke up and rose from bed and felt dizzy while rummaging for an outfit, while taking a long bath, while doing everything needed to be done before leaving for work. And “everything” there included how many times of going around, up and down the house – that I couldn’t keep track of.

In the bus, I became a sandwich filling or a raisin in a bread, stuck and squeezed and immobile because I was stuck and squeezed. But I was grateful to notice I could still breathe even if I had to hold it for a couple of times. Sure I felt sweat on my nose there.

In the morning, at work, I had to stop every ten minutes and close my eyes, look away from the monitor, and just let them rest. The migraine was already knocking on my skull. Then, I had to eat lunch earlier because I couldn’t stand my hunger, I knew hyperacidity was already on its way and I couldn’t stand that, not while at work. I was getting dizzy in the first place.

In the afternoon, I had to stop and rest like every five minutes, and bury my head in my red pillow. I just had to. My eyes were freakin’ tired and my brain wasn’t working, I thought my brain cells escaped my head. And there was this pinching sensation on the back part of my head. It was excruciating, I wouldn’t last over five minutes working on emails.

‘Til I decided I should go, after considering the advice from my office-mates that I better take a rest at home. I did. Because the migraine was getting too bad, I knew I couldn’t manage an overtime for today, not even just until 06:00 – my timeout.

So I went home, rode a bus where I was fighting the pain by trying to nap. I’ve been longing for my bed the whole day! When I got in the house, I hurried upstairs to my bed and… “ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

“ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………………..” *snoring*

Monday Migraine Sent Me Home

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