We All Need Solitude


Someone from the near past said to me, “We all need solitude every now and then.”

It’s a gift of chance we could give ourselves – a chance to detach ourselves from everything needing logic, purpose, and reason; a time to just co-exist with all the rest without having to say a word. But really, it’s more like a chance to let yourself do nothing but think, and think, and think.

Solitude. Its silence. This silence that is almost holy, I better watch my every move before I could make a sound, better not stir up the serenity. No, of course, it’s neither heaven nor the happiest place on earth, but I feel safe here. Because in this solitude, it’s easy to talk myself through every realization, happy thoughts win all the time, and a smile could be so powerful it’s easy to get by with even just a hint of it.

And when I come out, may I go on living day by day like I’ve never doubted life, never questioned love. May I smile back at it, and believe in love once again. After all, I’ve been keeping my faith in this love I’ve always loved.

For now, this is all I need – this solitude, this time to pick up these pieces of me. I have it, I’m happy. 🙂

We All Need Solitude

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