Written For Nothing

My dearest,

I woke up from a dream that I wouldn’t want to end; to thoughts of you just so wonderful, to a story hand-written by God. This must be a lovely day – one to celebrate in the name of this love we discovered a year ago.

The situation wasn’t easy, but the decision was; and in fact, I never had to make it. I only needed to say it so you’d know. It came as a surprise for you because you never thought that one hellish busy day could end up with the green light switching on to begin all that’s simply beautiful. I chose 8 simply for what the world has always known: 8 being the symbol of infinity or forever. And then it happened to be the number between my favorite 7, and yours, 9. Right, laugh now!

Forever. The word alone, what sense could it make? It’s the broken promise, the sweetest lie, and the fairy tale no one should believe in. But on that night, I believed in forever like I’ve always believed in every “happily ever after”, because on that night, forever, in your voice, sounded like every true story told, every love story to unfold.

I thank God for entrusting us this love, from which we learn to understand things beyond our own understanding. I’m more than happy to go through all this with you, because quite honestly, there’s no place like in your arms; that I wouldn’t have to worry about the danger because I’m safest there. Laugh and I’ll kill you!

You told me you couldn’t promise forever. Who knows what could happen next, right? I felt sad at that, but then again, I believed in forever…more than ever…when you promised to do your best to make this last forever. That was daring, touching, not a fairy tale at all. I felt my blood at that, and somehow the fear of a challenge proposed by no young love. But right that moment as well, I thanked the universe for the conspiracy it had planned for all that to happen in a time and place so serene.

Love, it’s been an amazing year, what more could I ask for? There is, indeed. May God hear me now that I pray for one more year for us, two, three, four, forever. Would that be too much, my Lord? Well, I hope not, because if God would let me choose one story to keep, I’d choose this, and I’m choosing this now, lifting it up to Him, so He could write on about us, about a fairy tale blessed to come true.

I’ve got so much more to tell, but I’m gonna have to start prepping up for a dinner date. So stamp  this now with a kiss, take a shower, blah blah blah and then put on your favorite shoes, because we’re gonna have a good walk on this damn good night. Don’t forget the keys, and catch you in a few for some cheers to our first.

All my love, M

A letter, which could’ve been written in messy handwriting, on paper pasted at the back of a painted canvass; one you could’ve been holding right now had there been something to celebrate today and until now.

Written For Nothing

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