Rule: Don’t shop for food when your tummy is full.

Don’t shop for food when your tummy is full. That’s just another golden rule that every time-conscious human being should add to the list.

Today, 2 PM (2 hours ago). It was long past lunchtime and my brother had demanded I stand up and pause my game (SimCity) so we could go out for lunch. I was stubbornly unwilling to follow because I’ve waited some precious minutes for my game energy to load up and besides that, I was badly hooked to the thrill going on in Steig Larsson’s The Girl Who Played With Fire. Anyway, I did stand up. And I brought the novel with me to the eatery. 😀

BUT before we went out, I had to empty my cup of coffee if I didn’t want it boringly cold. I instantly got full; I felt my digestive tank bulging. So at the eatery, I had to take my meal really slow if I didn’t want untimely, unwanted, and shameful regurgitation. It was torture. I had grilled pork and a cup of rice, plus one stick of pork barbeque, which my brother added without my request. I am always grateful to God for always providing food even at the worst-case scenarios of my wallet. But that meal I just had was seriously hard to push down. I knew I barely got space in my caffeine-filled tummy, but I couldn’t waste what brother had to pay for. Besides, it was good food after all. 😀

Then, to the grocery. To shop for food. Deyyym, the brains gone with the appetite for everything tasty! We couldn’t think of anything we want to cook or eat, or even just to nibble. No cravings. No good food seemed enticing. So we ended up with the usual basket of chicken wings, canned tuna, canned corned beef, and coffee.

But I was so glad I was able to buy my bath soap and this toothpaste I’ve been wanting to try! HAHAHA 😀

Rule: Don’t shop for food when your tummy is full.

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