A View From My Rooftop

Just a little before 6:00 o’clock in the evening today, I went upstairs, to the rooftop to collect my sun-dried laundry. And as I always do, I quickly looked around to find hints of beauty in this very suffocating city of all-concrete, noise and soot. Everything was normal. I had the same view of our neighbor’s portable tent, another neighbor’s mossy roof, the upper floors of a small condominium  with a few clothes hanging dry on the terrace grill. To my left, my brother’s poor little garden laid messy, unattended, but somehow surviving.

When I looked up, there was nothing peculiar, but something was interesting! 🙂

At the time, this view was the most beautiful I got from my rooftop. I found the moon “cute” (hahaha) because it really looked so small from where I was standing. This one made me run back downstairs to get my phone and capture it with the Camera360 photo app (sexy effect).

So after a long scorching hot day, I’m grateful I had a moment with this relaxing beauty: that moon very small, unreachable, but…is always there. 🙂


A View From My Rooftop

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