Love Letter: For You To Find

I must be often a little too privy to this love I have, but now. Because I’m listening to this old love song (titled After All), and it tickles my lips to a sweet content smile while tears are rushing [honestly] to the brink, HaHaHa. πŸ˜€

To M,

I’m not gonna let you hear this, not now. Let’s just hope you’ll find these words when they’re most beautiful.

I’ve been smiling a lot, y’ [don’t] know, despite “the facts”, despite myself, despite everything that has gone wrong in my life. I’m betting you don’t completely understand how that has to do so much with you, but I really wish I could thank you enough. Crazy, but almost everything around me pushes my thoughts to you; brings me to smile in a way only the thought of you could shape. Sounds “high-schoolish”, doesn’t it? HaHaHa. I think so, too, but alongside realizing that I couldn’t help thanking God for entrusting (I don’t wanna say this, but here it goes…LOL) “my heart” to (and I wouldn’t say “a man like you” because the next word is definite)…you.

You said you don’t want me sad. I believe I’ve been obedient; I’ve always caught myself smiling carelessly even when I wash the dishes, do my laundry, read my novel, or when I write…like now. πŸ™‚ Even when I’m in the toilet [just honestly]. My life, as of now, is definitely not at its prettiest, but you’ve come to be its irony.

I couldn’t find the most beautiful words to tell you how much I thank you. (Did I just say something cliche? HaHaHa) So, let me say it in a way no words are necessary. It’s not gonna be hard to understand. You’ll catch it when you find yourself smiling back at me.

All my love, M

And so, I said it. HaHaHa πŸ˜€

Love Letter: For You To Find

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