Bad Photographer On Board

Location: SLEX/South Luzon Express Way

Got snap shots of the view from the  car, while “kind of” time traveling-slash-daydreaming there at the backseat. Poor photos, I wish I shared them via e-mail, not via OSN sites. Anyway, I thought I just have to share these along-the-way sights. (I sure hope they’re good enough for viewing despite…the fact. HeHeHe)

I loved “the feeling”, like I was right between the rural and the urban, between the lively fields and the asphalt road of the unending express way. I knew then I was imagining things and all like crazy but that was exactly how the view struck me – like a dreamworld, yay! 😀

The greenery, I swear, was a huge treat to my not-so-healthy eyes. But it made me sad though that my photography skills and my phone camera missed out on the most beautiful frames I could have captured. How? Well, every view was passing quite quickly before my slow shutter, and each of them got me pretty frozen in awe just before I could push the button! Good thing, my photographic memory has always served me well.

You’d probably ask what’s so stunning about that view from the car. There’s the bad thing. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the seas of white pampass grass. The white fields of pampass grass was what I loved the most; it was stunning, gorgeous, and dreamy. 🙂

Here’s how my favorite view looked like, thanks to Mr. Daniel Wieczorek for this beautiful photograph I have to borrow. Not from the same location, but pretty much like this!

Lovely, isn’t it? 🙂

photo courtesy: Daniel Wieczorek

Bad Photographer On Board

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