Though hope is frail…

Who knows what miracles…?

We might never have wished to keep hoping because it only means things aren’t going pretty well for us. But it feels damn good to hope, of course, especially when there’s no better thing to do than so.

Like seasons, hopes come and go. Like chances, they’re easy come, easy go. But at least, hoping is always for free except when you’re paying an illegal recruitment firm for your awfully longed employment and badass situations like that.

But tonight, though hope has gone frail through hopeless days, I smile at these bits of chances. In the very first place, I never knew I’d be right in this situation. So who knows what’s next? Tonight, I’m hopeful and I’m bringing these dusts of hopes to my dreams.

Who knows about tomorrow? I might have to wake up just so quickly, rummage through my bed to fumble with my phone, and say, “Good morning! — Yes, speaking.”

Now, that’s me really hoping! HaHaHa 😀

Though hope is frail…

Let's hear it! :)

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