My Little Dystopian Craze

The Hunger Games of Suzanne Collins was the first one I read. The first dystopian story, I mean, of all novels I’ve read ever since. I completed the trilogy, thanks to such a plot mostly page-turning although not throughout the end.

By Suzanne Collins

The idea of dystopia caught me very well indeed, got me hooked that I generated my online ID or gate pass to The Capitol. We know The Capitol, right? 🙂 My pass said I belong to District 7, the Lumber District. Of course I was a bit disappointed from hoping I would belong to 12, Katniss’s district. But 7 was good enough. Got my favorite number after all.

Just two days ago, I got done with Ally Condie’s second book, Crossed. The trilogy starts with Matched, and ends with Reached. Another forbidden love story in another dystopian trilogy, the first since Suzanne’s.

By Ally Condie

As soon as I finished Matched, I started with Divergent, Veronica Roth’s. It was well-thought, meticulously excavated from a dangerously deep imagination. But Book 2, Insurgent, was thrilling all throughout and a little too unexpected. It ended perfectly with the biggest “twist”. And yes, Ms. Roth, the wait for Book 3 is awfully killing meee. Huhuhu.

By Veronica Roth

Now, I’m starting with Lauren Oliver’s Delirium. Love again, for the nth time, and in here it’s a killer disease. I don’t know what to expect yet, but so far, the way this dystopian society interprets and sees love is somehow intriguing. For now, I must read on, so to feed my little dystopian craze. 😉

By Lauren Oliver



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My Little Dystopian Craze

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