Geez, I have a website!

Hi friends!

Not really much, but sharing with you my “little website” (hihihi) would be much to my elation.

Just very brief though. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed my hobby of drawing girls and ladies in beautiful dresses and gowns. I never really saw it as something I’d work up to now, but only to find myself always adoring gowns and always wanting a new sketch pad. I’m cursed with a blessing, I believe so. 🙂

So lemme just rejoice in this courage I have to show you this little hobby I love.




Huge thanks!!!

  • to my brother for getting me the domain and for setting up the website.
  • to my sister for always being fascinated with my designs.
  • to my parents for always knowing that I’m somehow good at drawing, hahaha!
  • to my boyfriend for appreciating it although he’s not much of an “art guy.”
  • to my friends who believe in this gift I have.
  • to God for everything.

Enjoy! 😉

Geez, I have a website!

4 thoughts on “Geez, I have a website!

  1. Your personal article, “Geez, I have a website!
    | Love, Ayna” ended up being worth writing a comment on!

    Just needed to mention you actually did a wonderful job.
    Thanks for your time ,Nikole

  2. This is the 4th blog, of your blog I really went through.
    But yet I actually love this specific one, “Geez, I have a website!
    | Love, Ayna” the best. Take care -Layne

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