Healthy Snackin’

Junk food makes a good snack because it’s fun to eat!!! French fries and all fries, burgers, chips, popcorn, and unlimited sodaaa. Oh, grace.

But we should know better than tolerate our indulgence to unhealthy living. And funny, I don’t sound like myself in that sentence. 😀

I’ve always loved junk food that if only it could be what’s staple then my taste buds would savor glory forever. But no. And thanks to my boyfriend for always reminding me to give my kidneys a break. I’m not sure who’s more health-conscious but when it comes to eating junk food, my boyfriend always wins the discipline.

And indeed, a healthy break happened, thanks to my sister for inviting me to come over. Since we were little, she’s always been sickly. But now that she’s so close to being a wife and a mom perhaps, she knows so well how extra careful she should be. That goes for food, especially. Besides her own health, she also has to take care of her fiance’s nutritional diet and weight loss so she’s been working up as much healthy recipes she can.

As for my week-long layover, I got these…

mango-red pepper salsa & butter toast
protein-packed tuna pita
banana-peanut butter shake

…and some more! (I missed taking photos.)

There was mashed potato dressed with some kind of mayo and celery. And caesar salad, too! 🙂

Then, I figured it somehow feels good to brush off some guilt from my unhealthy diet. At least sometimes. Hahaha! Huge thanks, sisterrr!

Healthy Snackin’

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