Painting: Arenas Del Tiempo

For a couple of months now, I’ve been insanely curious about abstract art, paintings in particular. I’ve posted my first abstract piece, Diez Vueltas here (see post: It wasn’t painted out of a luxurious knowledge on abstract art; just some fun time of some oddity. 😀

And then, for my second piece, I was able to pick a bit of inspiration from the abstract paintings I’ve scanned through on Google. The result?


Arenas del Tiempo (water-based poster paint)

Arenas del Tiempo, or “sands of time” as suggested by a friend. Originally,  the floating hour glass was a waterfall. And bad enough, I couldn’t achieve the motion effect (water falling) so, “Scratch it!” Slightly frustrated, I wiped the white paint left to right, right to left with a paint brush. That time, I decided I failed, while knowing I had to do something about it. That was when I saw the outline of an hour glass. “Great!” 🙂

That’s just it. 😀

Painting: Arenas Del Tiempo

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