There’s A Song I Wrote But Without Melody


When September grows cold like this

My thoughts run back to that one January night

Why I was alone at a table with a stranger

A cup of tea in his hands, coffee in mine

Why he seemed so familiar but not at all

I put reasons all behind


What was that, drove me lost in every tick of time

We talked and laughed, we talked and smiled

It wasn’t for us to realize right then, no worry

Now let’s just say



It was something beautiful

No thinking twice, no, no, because here we are

On our way to anywhere, we really don’t care

And when September nights are cold like this

I remember why I’m here smiling

At something simple made extraordinary

Like how we sat side by side on a night back in January


I could feel the panic inside

But you were always on time to calm me down

From my hair down to my toes you searched for words to say

Strippin off the mystery all over me

Stars listened to you ‘til five in the morning

And I loved it that they did


What was that, drove me lost in every tick of time

We walked and laughed, we walked and stopped

It wasn’t for us to realize right then, no worry

Now let’s just say

Oh, right through that winter mist

That one night in our lives was a wonderful twist

And I thank the universe for such conspiracy

Every bit of it was far more than pricey

And pricey is this secret, lemme tell you

That night I swore to God I would love you

And yes, I do, yes, I do




Like how we are now and I thank God everyday

There’s A Song I Wrote But Without Melody

Geez, I have a website!

Hi friends!

Not really much, but sharing with you my “little website” (hihihi) would be much to my elation.

Just very brief though. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed my hobby of drawing girls and ladies in beautiful dresses and gowns. I never really saw it as something I’d work up to now, but only to find myself always adoring gowns and always wanting a new sketch pad. I’m cursed with a blessing, I believe so. 🙂

So lemme just rejoice in this courage I have to show you this little hobby I love.




Huge thanks!!!

  • to my brother for getting me the domain and for setting up the website.
  • to my sister for always being fascinated with my designs.
  • to my parents for always knowing that I’m somehow good at drawing, hahaha!
  • to my boyfriend for appreciating it although he’s not much of an “art guy.”
  • to my friends who believe in this gift I have.
  • to God for everything.

Enjoy! 😉

Geez, I have a website!

Healthy Snackin’

Junk food makes a good snack because it’s fun to eat!!! French fries and all fries, burgers, chips, popcorn, and unlimited sodaaa. Oh, grace.

But we should know better than tolerate our indulgence to unhealthy living. And funny, I don’t sound like myself in that sentence. 😀

I’ve always loved junk food that if only it could be what’s staple then my taste buds would savor glory forever. But no. And thanks to my boyfriend for always reminding me to give my kidneys a break. I’m not sure who’s more health-conscious but when it comes to eating junk food, my boyfriend always wins the discipline.

And indeed, a healthy break happened, thanks to my sister for inviting me to come over. Since we were little, she’s always been sickly. But now that she’s so close to being a wife and a mom perhaps, she knows so well how extra careful she should be. That goes for food, especially. Besides her own health, she also has to take care of her fiance’s nutritional diet and weight loss so she’s been working up as much healthy recipes she can.

As for my week-long layover, I got these…

mango-red pepper salsa & butter toast
protein-packed tuna pita
banana-peanut butter shake

…and some more! (I missed taking photos.)

There was mashed potato dressed with some kind of mayo and celery. And caesar salad, too! 🙂

Then, I figured it somehow feels good to brush off some guilt from my unhealthy diet. At least sometimes. Hahaha! Huge thanks, sisterrr!

Healthy Snackin’

Writing Isn’t Cute

“We read and write poems not because they’re cute. We read and write poems because we are part of a human race.” – Mr. Keating, Dead Poets Society

I caught this line said by Mr. Keating, the English teacher in the movie Dead Poets Society. It struck me as simple yet quite uplifting.

I remember writing poems back in high school and never did it strike me as something cute. I actually found it sometimes tedious and more like a struggle diving into the deepest of my thoughts ’til I start pecking into my own subconscious. And squeezing my subconscious, even only a bit, felt like torture. Like I was suffering from amnesia and someone wanted me to extract every bit of memory that remained in me. Awful.

Yet surprisingly, I came across the fun of writing. Later, I took it as the boldest, most rational way of understanding life from my vista. Perhaps that was how I became part of a human race. Unknowingly.

Since the time I discovered that I had my own way with words, I have always confided to writing. It connived all kinds of emotions I both celebrated and ranted about. Sometimes I wrote out of inspiration; oftentimes just about non-sense. Either way, I felt human with what freedom I had to write about myself, how I felt, and anything beyond what I’ve known about myself.

Writing. It’s nothing cute. It’s beautiful.

Writing Isn’t Cute

Painting: Arenas Del Tiempo

For a couple of months now, I’ve been insanely curious about abstract art, paintings in particular. I’ve posted my first abstract piece, Diez Vueltas here (see post: It wasn’t painted out of a luxurious knowledge on abstract art; just some fun time of some oddity. 😀

And then, for my second piece, I was able to pick a bit of inspiration from the abstract paintings I’ve scanned through on Google. The result?


Arenas del Tiempo (water-based poster paint)

Arenas del Tiempo, or “sands of time” as suggested by a friend. Originally,  the floating hour glass was a waterfall. And bad enough, I couldn’t achieve the motion effect (water falling) so, “Scratch it!” Slightly frustrated, I wiped the white paint left to right, right to left with a paint brush. That time, I decided I failed, while knowing I had to do something about it. That was when I saw the outline of an hour glass. “Great!” 🙂

That’s just it. 😀

Painting: Arenas Del Tiempo