On Anna Sprage’s Deviant Art: A Failed Attempt

Deviance is the way to understanding the uncommon in this world. Somehow I believe I’ve pretty lived up to that because I haven’t always been for the norms of the society. Not that I rejoice in everything a deviant mind could offer. Only that I don’t always believe all the norms to be all the good and right.

But this ain’t about deviance and how it shits on the face of the pretentious and the all-knowing. This is just another artwork post. But as to what’s the mention of deviance for….

Anna Sprage, or formally Anna Spradley, is an artist from Houston, Texas. And I’m not to write her biography here, but this should suffice: http://annasprage.com/. I found out about her and her paintings through Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/annasprage). I can’t recall anymore but perhaps her page appeared on the advertisement panel, right side of the screen. If I may cut it short, Anna’s a deviant artist. As far as I’ve scanned through her albums, she paints unrealistic portraits of unrealistic subjects, usually nudist ladies, all looking almost the same.

But I love her concepts! Daring and unpretentious. Maybe they’re not for everyone to correctly interpret or at least understand, but her pieces speak a lot, vulgar indeed of their purposes of having been painted on canvass. Her artworks are not like messy collages painted out of irrational outrage. Rather, her subjects are not-at-all-beautiful ladies looking way too old for their presumed characters. They’re ugly, sunken and sickly, but as free as souls who don’t give a fu**in’ shit on anyone and anything. They’re the mind-your-business-or-die type of ladies. And they’re just as powerful as the kind of deviant art Anna has long mastered.

Now, merely out of impulse of wanting to try something new, I tried her style.


And I decided success was far from avail.

Not beautiful, passed. Not proportioned, passed. Sunken and sickly, failed. A free soul, failed. God, she’s the face of inhibitions! Deviant, failed. All in all, she looks pretty normal, pretty human except for some intentionally wronged proportions over the eyes.

She’s scared. She’s not vulgar. She’s not the uncommon. She’s not deviance. And so, a failed attempt. But even so, it came out to be another art piece of what too imaginative mind, oftentimes too bossy for my hands. 🙂

On Anna Sprage’s Deviant Art: A Failed Attempt

2 thoughts on “On Anna Sprage’s Deviant Art: A Failed Attempt

  1. She loves every one of her women to the deepest depths of their souls. they are experienced and tragic and tortured and beautiful for it. I paint souls that I am attracted to; energy that I need to surround myself by to feel whole. And when I’m don’t with them, and they sell, they are dead to me. Like a betrayal. Then I paint more of them. and it is a cycle of falling in love and mourning that I have become addicted to. Like a tumultuous relationship. They all look similar because let’s face it, we all have a type.

    I appreciate the time you’ve taken to speak about my work.


    1. Hi Ms Anna! Wow wow this is surprising and flattering, hearing from you! ^^, I’m so happy you found this post. I’m a fan; I really really love your art pieces. The first time I saw them on Fb, I was like, “This is new.” Then I started scanning through your albums. I love the details and the concepts and the emotions. As I’ve said in this post, for me, they’re very vulgar and daring, powerful. And you know every time I stare at your paintings, I always end up concluding that they are long stories of varied emotions, women of courage and strength, etc. Thank you very much for sharing your views to the world. You are such a talent! 🙂 And I’m sooo flattered you dropped by.


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