She’s Wasn’t Officially His

I heard a…

STORY. There’s this girl who’s a little too crazy for this guy a little younger than her. Age ain’t an issue. They work for the same company and for the period of time since they started talking, forms a special kind of friendship. Let’s call that MU – mutual understanding (damn cliche).

And in the name of mad admiration, the girl works her way out to gather the guy’s attention least of all. She wants him to like her, if not adore her. So traditional courtship aside, the girl works her plans costing her a little extra effort and perhaps a dozen more guts, at least at first. She asks him out, invites him over, holds his hand, kisses him, and what, turns a guiltless date around and heats it up. Rewarded for her guts then, the guy’s liking him back. Ace for that!

Now she’s happy and she’s not. She wants to get hooked up but that ain’t synonymous to wanting something official like commitment. She wants dating but not exclusive. She wants fun but nothing serious, definitely nothing serious. She wants a fling, not a boyfriend. Or maybe she wants a boyfriend but not this guy. Because he’s possessive, immature, clingy, and say…assuming. And she’s getting awful sick of it. Because he acts like she’s his girlfriend. And as she says it, this guy’s overreacting to the romance she’s putting up.

No, there ain’t no intention to whack him emotionally. He’s a good guy, way too good for her indeed: good-natured, diligent, friendly and sociable, a gentleman, stable with a job, family-oriented, God-fearing, handsome, not to mention rich. And young. But perhaps there’s an obvious misunderstanding here, if not a change of opinion. The girl now decides she pretty doesn’t want anything to do with the guy.

PAAANG! What do we…

SAY. Blame who now? The guy for unconsciously overreacting to the romance she consciously put up? The girl for making him feel like she was his because on a deeper thought, she pretty much enjoyed bathing in his admiration?

No one perhaps. Or maybe both. This is what people say, “No one is wrong; no one is right.”

No one is wrong.

After all, the guy had half the right and was half sane to feel that way if, in the very first place, that was how she made him feel, like, “Boy, I’m yours”. On the other hand, she couldn’t have seen it coming that he would behave in an unofficial relationship in a way a little too unpleasing. She got choked, you know.

No one is right.

He should’ve taken note what they really were, where he stood. She should’ve slowed down and took time to double-check her thoughts on what was she truly up to. He should’ve known better. She should’ve thought more.

SO. It wasn’t a game, not at all. Maybe an awful mischief of fate. But I felt sorry for the guy ’cause in the end, there was nothing else to say but, “She wasn’t officially yours.”

She’s Wasn’t Officially His

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