Painting: Midnight Sakura

I cannot recall anymore what rush took over me that day that pushed me to paint again. But I guess it was nothing very fun because the output struck me as something melancholic as this.

“Midnight Sakura” (water-based poster paint)

At first I named this piece Sayonara, but on second thought, I decided the meaning of the Japanese word doubled the weight of the piece’s melancholy. Too much. So I chose one a little lighter – Midnight Sakura. And this is the first scenery piece I’ve painted since high school.

Here’s a quick account though. It was painted using water-based poster paint on a sketch sheet. The poster paint set was all that was left from my collection of coloring materials. 😦 Anyway, the yellow base layer was quite easy. But later on, I found it hard to achieve the expected effect on texture since the material (poster paint) was, unlike acrylic, very thin and it dried awful fast on paper (well, that’s a given). There was a need to buy a dozen more patience to get the right mix of colors. Then I had to cover some of the first few layers because the strokes were too stiff and thick. Matter of fact, the poster paint wasn’t cooperating.

But I was quite decided to finish the artwork anyway so I pushed on. My favorite part was painting the shadowed mountain range surrounding the lake, aside from the white dots or…yes, they’re supposed to be the cherryblossoms or the sakura. I hope you got that though. 🙂

I’d say this piece has a lot of shortcomings but still I feel genuinely delighted to have finished it. I’d say it’s not stunningly beautiful but I believe it’s vulgar enough of what emotion I was working out that time. In the end, having painted this gloomy piece actually served me a platter of content. 🙂

Painting: Midnight Sakura

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