Animal Sexual Behavior: Human Love Story

The different sexual behaviors of animals are stories cut short about humans’ tragic struggles for love, survival, and security.

A hint to prove the theory on the ancestry of humans that we in fact belong to Kingdom Animalia. Simply, that we are animals, maybe only too specialized as designed or only too lucky to have topped in the process of natural selection. I don’t know. But that above, I realized while I was watching Wild Sex: Femmes Fatales on National Geographic last Wednesday, with my favorite light snack duo of butter-pepper toast and brown coffee. šŸ™‚

Now I recall seriously talking with a young man on the first night we met. No, not my boyfriend. A dead serious conversation indeed, we ended up differentiating truth from reality and all philosophy shits. But the meat was primarily about humans and animals. The young man argued that we are not animals; that we are uniquely designed to be humans; that we act, react, behave differently from animals. And I decided, “He needs at least eight more Biology courses.”

Although I am not as much convinced with Charles’s Theory of Evolution, I somehow believe that humans are animals of just another form, just another design. True, we largely differ from animals in terms of actions and movements simply because of the huge differences in physique, anatomy, and physiology between the human body and one animal from another (but not to overgeneralize). Yet, talking behavior, I would have to believe in the presented similarities as far as the listing goes. And I caught myself amazed with the further affirmations while tuned in to Nat Geo’s documentary on wild sex. Sexual aggression applies to both humans and animals. Polygamy in animals; infidelity in humans. What animals go through to battle for sex, survival, and security, humans do, whether knowingly or not.

Not only in terms of copulation, ejaculation, fertilization, foreplay, offspring development, conception, and weaning, are we similar to animals. Humans’ stories of struggles for love can even be summarized in the different courtship stories in planet Animalia. Sex stories of polar bears, wild rats, jacanas (birds), praying mantises, mole rats, goliath tarantulas, bonellia worms, and even hyenas are only some of which humans can relate to, not only about “during sexual intercourse” but more interestingly, about the long story of how we end up in “You may now kiss the bride”…and beyond that.

I doubt he would reach this post, but to the young man: During sexual intercourse, the male wild rat bites and claws, the female kicks and hisses. Now tell me, what’s on your mind? And you’d rather be honest though because if you’d say you’re actually imagining the wild rats, that should cost you 12 precious hours! šŸ™‚


Humans. Animals. One is the story of the other.

Animal Sexual Behavior: Human Love Story

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