Our Cartoon Love Card

I can draw cartoon figures???

Little did I know that!

So I thank my (older) sister a lot for getting me a little too involved in her wedding preparations. Wiw! God, she’s crazy excited, LOL! I thought I’ve retired from drawing cartoon figures since elementary, when all I truly wanted to do during classes was to draw dolls in different gowns. Y’ know, Disney princesses. And that was why my writing pads went by faster than average usage speed – because half of it, or even more, I drew on. And maybe my parents believed I just really had a long line of quizzes. Hehehe.

Anyway, my sister asked me to design their wedding’s save-the-date (STD = bad acro, hahaha!) card. I scanned through samples in Google images and found good ones. Then I came across the Instagram or IG posts of Isabelle Kessedjian, some stranger I’m following on IG. Her cards were really cute. And simple. Cute. And really cute! 🙂 So I decided I must try that style on the STD card. My sister loves everything cute, extremely delighted with the thought that she is child-hearted. And that’s aside from the fact that she is literally cute – pretty and tiny. (Sister: Are you saying I’m tinyyyy???) I mean little. 😀

I wish I could post a photo of the STD card I’ve made, but I actually gave that authority to my sister. It’s for her wedding. It’s hers. It’s one of my many artwork gifts for her.

And because I got to the “point of envy” with my sister’s cartoon love card, I also made one for me and my boyfie! 😀

by Mylene Alcazar


Now, this is…love, love, L-O-V-E!

Isn’t it cuuuuutttee? 😉

Our Cartoon Love Card

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