Scraping Some Fats Off!

Today is Thursday and the fourth day of my I-don’t-know-for-how-long workout period! 😀

My boyfriend had once asked me to try going to the gym. I’m not really fat, but it’s like the major composition of my body is water. Muscles? Well, I could feel them if I dig some fingers down my skin but mostly it feels something like…water. That means I have to do some toning up. But gym? Errr, I don’t think so.

And then, I have this amateur triathlete friend, who’s been almost seriously engaged into triathlons and the trainings triathletes do. She’s been inviting me and the rest of the girls to go running, swimming, and biking. For fitness, though. And yeah, for trying out something new.

When I was a college freshie, I did jog with one of my roomies. We’d start at five o’clock in the morning and run on for like two hours – that’s maximum – around the university’s freedom park. But I just couldn’t stand it for long. I had to realize that jogging/running wasn’t my thing at all. Despite that, whenever I was home in Cebu, I’d wake up at four in the morning and go jogging with my father along that boulevard in the middle of a big farm. It was fun, but like I realized earlier, not my thing.

So I resorted back to this one-but-not-the-only thing I love – dancing! 🙂 Back in high school, I never missed a morning for my fitness routine. My sister had a VCD of Beyonce’s concert in London (I guess) and I used it for my workout playlist. I wouldn’t stop ’til I could feel the pinch on my sides and my hair wet!


Now, I’m doing it again, not to lose weight nor to get thinner, but merely to tone up and stay in shape. Nah, not really that hot sexy chic. Just the right shape for my health! 🙂

Scraping Some Fats Off!

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