Minus The Plans: Love and Its Whereabouts (1)

Okay, okay, he was right, hehe. We should’ve checked in at that hotel called The Villas, some two kilometers from the ridge where we stopped for coffee at Starbucks. Then we could’ve just sinfully indulged ourselves in a relaxing unplanned overnight.

There’s no point in fretting now, I know. But it’s fun to fret over things really that bad, hehe.

One fine March afternoon, things were a little too ‘candid’, and I mean spontaneous. It started with me making a not-so-good decision for something which turned out really great after all; and my boyfriend in the mood for some kind of adventure.

We left home at four o’clock in the afternoon when the heat was still a bit scorching. The traffic was heavy right from the start, but we headed out anyway…to someplace we had barely decided. After snaking through a long traffic on his sporty scooter, while trying to figure out at which crossroad were we supposed to turn left, we managed to find Balibago Road and drove fast to Paseo de Sta. Rosa. So it was our first stop where we found not much to do but use the toilet, aside from paying the parking fee. But the walk around was relaxing anyway. 🙂

Paseo de Sta. Rosa

Then we moved to Solenad in Nuvali. I loved the landscape, not to mention the ambiance of the square. It was clean (that night at least), quiet, and decent, just the way I liked it. We took a short walk along the gold-lit pathways lined with generously flowering bougainvillea. I would say there were only a few resto choices in Solenad 1. The good thing was we made the right choice with Kanin Get It!

Kanin Get It! @ Solenad 1, Nuvali

Amen to good food! 🙂 I had Arroz Ala Cubana in a bowl, and my boyfriend had a sizzling plate of Beef Saplicao. And of course, tall glasses of lemonade for both of us. Indeed, great food yet so affordable!

Arroz Ala Cubana by Kanin Get It!
Sizzling Beef Salpicao by Kanin Get It!

After dinner, my boyfriend asked if I wanted to sit over coffee. Oh boy, when did I ever say no to my kind of drug? (hehe) We walked around again perhaps to find a coffee shop. There was Starbucks, and if there were others, that I couldn’t remember.

Starbucks, Tagaytay

At one point, we were at the confusion of where to find ourselves some coffee, and then only to find out that we’ve headed out to someplace even farther – Tagaytay!

The scooter ride was fun, scary, liberating, ecstatic, all at the same time! Simply put, it was like…love on the road! 😉

Amen to photoshop! LOL

P.S. And as to why I was fretting at the start, this story will be continued. Heeee 🙂

Minus The Plans: Love and Its Whereabouts (1)

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