Someone Just Stole A Kiss!

It’s when they happen out of the blue that things turn out sweet, maybe sweeter. People love surprises, that’s it.

While I’m not trying hard to be off the common, I may be one of those few who don’t always find surprises…surprising. Not that I’m mean or rude or ungrateful. I’d sure appreciate the effort to bits. I just don’t always have the right kind of nerve to take in surprises.

But there are exemptions especially for those little ones I call “snap shots”. I mean those things that actually happened in at most three seconds at which you suddenly wished time to freeze.

Snap shots like this:

In the car, on the way to the bus station, a little girl seated to my left rested her head on my shoulder. Looking too tired perhaps from play, I let her. Then she tuck her face behind my arm like she was smelling my armpit. I looked at her. She straightened up and looked away.

Me: You smelling my armpit? Do I smell bad now?
Girl: No, you don’t smell bad. You smell good.

When I wasn’t looking anymore, she leaned to me again, twined her arm with mine, and smelled me once more.

Me: Are you okay?
Girl: Yeah.

Then she kissed my arm, bowed her head and looked away. She looked so shy, so I kissed her head.

Me: Thank you.
Girl: You’re welcome.

Then, I turned to my boyfriend seated to my right.

Me: She’s sweet.

He smiled.

And yet, little things are indeed sometimes more surprising. It’s when they happen quietly and spontaneously, without plans and preparations, that things become surprisingly sweet and sweetly surprising.

It’s when they happen without so much said – as if a child wanting to say or do something but to shy, too nervous to begin with her intention – that things become truly sweet surprises. Like my boyfriend’s little sister’s stolen kiss. — I doubt I’ll forget that. After all, it struck me as something unforgettable. 🙂
Someone Just Stole A Kiss!

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