What A Girl Wants

More than fashion and everything I need to state it; other than a girls circle to count on, I want someone I can trust.

Because I want to tell some crazy little stories about my not-so-short life. The troubles and how I laughed at them; the joys and how I cried for them.
I want to share what I’ve learned from watching people, friends and strangers, and while things, small and big, happen in their lives and make up their faces. And I want to share what I believe in. Some sane, some silly – things I say about almost everything I see. I want to share how I do things. This way, that way, and the details for some.
Crazy little stories, life lessons, and personal beliefs may not be too much to worry about. But truth of the matter is they will last and grow in amount as long as life can go. I want to share how things were with me, how things are, and how they’ll be.
So I want someone I can trust. Someone with whom I can be the way I am, as he is to me, without having to put stories into words, so fabricated. Because ‘trusting’ ain’t just about storytelling and listening…or sharing secrets that are supposed to be kept until they’re secrets no more. It’s rather about making stories, life stories.
Well, I don’t always see the point of trusting, but I realize the point of loving when I start to trust. That’s cliche, but unfortunately, not everyone knows it. And not everyone believes it because that’s one good cliche on love. People rather say, “You be careful.” But I’ve passed judgment, and now I’m rather careless as if it’s needless to keep what I had to learn. In the very first place, what is there to mind? I have who I want, and Amen to that.

One time he asked me, “Bakit ka naniniwala sa’kin?” Simple, “Kasi gusto ko.”

Yes, it’s what I want.
*I don’t speak for all girls, but at least for my kind and for whoever agrees with me. And I’m only a little bit typical.
What A Girl Wants

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