Forbidden Note

I’m happy, and I know why.

And yes, I know it’s cliche for a start, but this is too real, too guiltless to be denied. I’m yet another love-crazed human being, again engaged into believing all the wonders of this something amazing. Maybe it’s scary but it’s worth the tell. And it’s worth all the smiles I can wear.
Fate is not mine to decide on. Not ours. But as someone who praises the stories of time, I’ll let time tell…and just live at the moment. Live at the moment, unmindful of what’s next, and like nothing has to end.
Because nothing has to end, if you believe so, too. But I’m not asking for forever, because it might not be enough in the first place.
But if you stay, then I’ll thank God every day.
Forbidden Note

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