Suppose the parallel universe is real

What if it’s real? What if a parallel universe does exist? Would we, for a second, think of peeking through the crack?
And if we do, would we find a familiar place? Familiar names of familiar faces? What if we find us watching ourselves? What if it’s real? Like a replica but not really as much.
I’m suddenly fond of imagining what could be happening in the parallel universe. Thanks to FRINGE, an American TV series to which I’m paying indulgence to for what amazement it offers me – Science and its ifs.
Science, the unplanned marriage of knowledge and stupidity; where sensibility realizes while stupidity discovers; the home of the sensible and the stupid; my favorite subject. And I’m hoping it doesn’t serve to describe me now.
Suppose the parallel universe is real, it would thrill me to make a crack, a way to it, just as the possibility of it triggered the ecstatic state of my mind. It’s strange and crazy but it makes sense, doesn’t it? Well, for me and for Dr. Walter Bishop (the great scientist in FRINGE; asset of the FBI, disclosing the workings of Fringe Science responsible for every murder case passed to the FBI) at least.
Suppose I made a crack that leads to the parallel universe, I would love to see the other me, watch her, and know her. See her in a different hairdo, maybe a different hair color too. Watch her do things her way. Know her and how she differs from me.
Suppose I could wish for her fate in her universe, I would wish for an entirely new story. Why? So she wouldn’t bore me to death watching the same story, which I live. Why? So I wouldn’t have to predict what would happen to her, but rather indulge into the excitement of “What’s next?” So I wouldn’t have to realize the same mistakes and learn the same lessons again and again. Why? So there would be one of us to save our name. Just in case it wouldn’t be me.
As for Science itself, I wish the parallel universe does exist. For the sake of imagining the unimaginable, of discovering the undiscovered. Albeit, for now, it’s one of the greatest impossibilities ever imagined, ever wished for. But for this parallel universe and all other impossibilities, I take Dr. Bishop’s line:
“When you see the impossible, sometimes, you find the truth.”
Photo Source: TV Online Episodes
Suppose the parallel universe is real