7 Speechless I Love Yous

Just another love language of just another woman in love…

1. Steal a pinch on his nose and kiss it. Ain’t that a sweet way to greet him “Good Morning”? – just a cute way to jump-start his day. It might be cuddle time cut short, but a simple gesture can definitely tell a lot, like, “I thank God I have you.”
2. Serve him a cup of coffee with a note: Wake up sleepyhead! 😉 Who would refuse a cup of coffee served with a sweet playful note? Served by a pair of playful eyes and a playful smile, saying “It’s gonna be a long day, honey. Pretty sure you can do it!”
3. Help him dry his hair after bath. Because he’s careless at it. So get the towel, dry his hair, wrap the towel around his neck, and what’s bad about one quick flirty kiss? Maybe it means something more than flirting. Maybe something like, “I can’t tag along. You take care, promise?”
4. If you’re guessing he’d be sick after running in the rain, go buy the meds. Always be ready. And once the temperature goes bad, you know you have what he needs. The meds, with a glass of water, means, “I worried while you were out.”
5. At midday, send him a smiley. It’s such a thrill to imagine him wondering what your smiley could mean. What fun to imagine him staring at his phone, at that one smiley, tilting his head side by side, wondering. And how sweet it is to read his reply “I miss you.” Bingo! Just the right words.
6. Meet him by the door and throw a big hug. At the end of his day’s work, he’s surely worn out. Meeting him by the door could refresh him even just a bit. And a big hug singing, “So glad you’re home now.”
7. Once he’s fast asleep, steal a soft kiss on his forehead and take his embrace. Now you’re saying, “I thank God, I’m yours.”

7 Speechless I Love Yous

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