The Reward For Not Fighting Temptation

It’s staring at you. Blankly. Lifelessly. And to spare a life is up to you.

Will you?

Be careful. It’s beautiful in your eyes with a smile so innocent and sweet. But wait until you see it laugh. Wait until you see it cry. Then, I leave you two options. Close your eyes or run.

But you will rather run. Its claws, too sharp to miss a vein. Then, your blood will be its drug. You won’t want that.

But will you kill those innocent eyes? Will you cut those gentle lips? Will you refuse seduction?

Will you?

You will rather run. Yes, run in a labyrinth, you don’t know the way out. Keep runnin’. You must not listen to its lullaby. Else, you’ll suddenly find it before you, staring, smiling at you…blankly, lifelessly. Isn’t that unforgettable?

The creeps, they’re gettin’ into your veins. But it’s more than ecstasy, hiding horror, leaving the deceit with a lustful indulgence, so wild you want to believe it’s true. Are you goin’ to run?

Now you don’t know. You don’t know you’re life’s been spared. It’s not your own anymore. Say goodbye to your friends. You have to leave.

Then, it’s a life with it. Do you know where you are? You don’t. You just give it a name. Paradise. Heaven. Forever. Everything’s new but its blank stare, but its lifeless smile, but its coldest touch. It does like a child not knowing what it wants, like a shadow never having a person.

The creeps, they’re getting into your veins, one more time, one more time, and one more time. Will you run? You won’t. You can’t. There’s no labyrinth. All there is is its lullaby, “Please don’t leave,” with a grip by claws cutting through your bones.

You have been spared. Now there’s one option left for you. Close your eyes…. And then, cry.

The Reward For Not Fighting Temptation

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