7 Speechless I Love Yous

Just another love language of just another woman in love…

1. Steal a pinch on his nose and kiss it. Ain’t that a sweet way to greet him “Good Morning”? – just a cute way to jump-start his day. It might be cuddle time cut short, but a simple gesture can definitely tell a lot, like, “I thank God I have you.”
2. Serve him a cup of coffee with a note: Wake up sleepyhead! 😉 Who would refuse a cup of coffee served with a sweet playful note? Served by a pair of playful eyes and a playful smile, saying “It’s gonna be a long day, honey. Pretty sure you can do it!”
3. Help him dry his hair after bath. Because he’s careless at it. So get the towel, dry his hair, wrap the towel around his neck, and what’s bad about one quick flirty kiss? Maybe it means something more than flirting. Maybe something like, “I can’t tag along. You take care, promise?”
4. If you’re guessing he’d be sick after running in the rain, go buy the meds. Always be ready. And once the temperature goes bad, you know you have what he needs. The meds, with a glass of water, means, “I worried while you were out.”
5. At midday, send him a smiley. It’s such a thrill to imagine him wondering what your smiley could mean. What fun to imagine him staring at his phone, at that one smiley, tilting his head side by side, wondering. And how sweet it is to read his reply “I miss you.” Bingo! Just the right words.
6. Meet him by the door and throw a big hug. At the end of his day’s work, he’s surely worn out. Meeting him by the door could refresh him even just a bit. And a big hug singing, “So glad you’re home now.”
7. Once he’s fast asleep, steal a soft kiss on his forehead and take his embrace. Now you’re saying, “I thank God, I’m yours.”

7 Speechless I Love Yous

Symbio is Love

Not that I don’t like the things happening here, but I just have to kind of frown at the irony between what I once said and what had happened.

I made myself a promise. So decided.

No, I’m not joining any organizations in college. It’s fine to be a barbarian, at least sometimes in a lifetime. It’s okay to excuse yourself from the crowd.

Little did I know I wasn’t really sure about what I said.

I thank God a bunch, and another bunch, and one more bunch, for the talents, skills, heaven-sent gifts He had entrusted to me. Forgive if I couldn’t help but smile and feel proud. Amen to my birth! And lol to this. One day, a guy we shall call Nic, asked if I could spare him a few minutes for a quick talk, which I would later find out to have been scripted with the intention of persuading me to join this student organization with a not-so-long name, Symbiosis, The UPLB Biological Society. And I was like…

Yeah! How did you know I was supposed to shift course to BS Biology? But excuse me, I’m a Development Communication student, period.

But that was Nic, one of my big bros in college, so I listened, nodded, smiled. And then listened, nodded, smiled. And then nodded and smiled – a “yes” to his invitation to an orientation program.
So, by late afternoon of August 8, 2008, after class, I went to the venue. Feeling lost. Out of place. Awkwaaaaaard. But that was only at first. How suddenly grateful I was at the sight of familiar faces – DevCom people. “Good thang!”
And time ran fast. One moment I found myself quiet on a chair, and the next thing was I had to congratulate myself for being a new member of Symbiosis…and the new content manager of a web development team. Because a few days after my supposedly-quick talk with Nic, we talked again about wbt. Bravo! Bravo! Amen to my promise! And lol to it.
But now, I’d love to smile at such beautiful irony. Because I’m sure happy with the consequences of my unplanned membership to Symbiosis; happy with what I have become. At first, Symbio was like another school to me. And yes, a training ground for whatever purpose it may serve in the future. I learned a lot and I mean a lot. Though Symbio is an academic organization, I learned about things far bigger than schooling – things maybe even bigger than my bragging rights as a UP student.
Now on my extra semesters in college (as I call them so), things have changed, almost entirely different. I don’t have my closest friends with me. I don’t have DevCom ‘batchmates’ to say hi or hello to. I don’t even have classmates. But one thing had always stayed the same: I’m far away from home.

But I’m never homeless. There’s always a place I can call my home. The people here may not be of my blood, but I’d call them ‘brods’ and ‘sisses’, not for the sake of using Symbio’s endearment terms; but I’d call them so as they are brothers and sisters to me.

To Symbiosis, The UPLB Biological Society; from Myles with lots of love! *frowns and big smiles*
Symbio is Love

The Reward For Not Fighting Temptation

It’s staring at you. Blankly. Lifelessly. And to spare a life is up to you.

Will you?

Be careful. It’s beautiful in your eyes with a smile so innocent and sweet. But wait until you see it laugh. Wait until you see it cry. Then, I leave you two options. Close your eyes or run.

But you will rather run. Its claws, too sharp to miss a vein. Then, your blood will be its drug. You won’t want that.

But will you kill those innocent eyes? Will you cut those gentle lips? Will you refuse seduction?

Will you?

You will rather run. Yes, run in a labyrinth, you don’t know the way out. Keep runnin’. You must not listen to its lullaby. Else, you’ll suddenly find it before you, staring, smiling at you…blankly, lifelessly. Isn’t that unforgettable?

The creeps, they’re gettin’ into your veins. But it’s more than ecstasy, hiding horror, leaving the deceit with a lustful indulgence, so wild you want to believe it’s true. Are you goin’ to run?

Now you don’t know. You don’t know you’re life’s been spared. It’s not your own anymore. Say goodbye to your friends. You have to leave.

Then, it’s a life with it. Do you know where you are? You don’t. You just give it a name. Paradise. Heaven. Forever. Everything’s new but its blank stare, but its lifeless smile, but its coldest touch. It does like a child not knowing what it wants, like a shadow never having a person.

The creeps, they’re getting into your veins, one more time, one more time, and one more time. Will you run? You won’t. You can’t. There’s no labyrinth. All there is is its lullaby, “Please don’t leave,” with a grip by claws cutting through your bones.

You have been spared. Now there’s one option left for you. Close your eyes…. And then, cry.

The Reward For Not Fighting Temptation