Color To Taste

I was never a good cook and I could only wish I could be one day. I’d say I’m a good friend of the spoon and the fork, but a mere acquaintance of the ladle. I’m good at eating but I just keep wondering how the cooking was done. Until it occurred to me that, “In life, it happens when all you have are ingredients and utensils. In times of hunger, that seems to always happen.”

So there, I cooked. Or I tried. And the little courage paid off!
I was learning, day by day. Now, I cook for lunch. But it seems a little funny and frustrating for me to realize that I always miss the important part – tasting. Well, I’d never want to taste what I could be just cooking yet. It’s like taking away from me this so-called ‘element of surprise’.
Salt to taste. Sugar to taste. Pepper to taste. And if I could only add: color to taste.

Yes, I paint. And yes, the way I cook has something to do with my hobby – painting. It must have been why I later found enjoyment in cooking, although it was never my thing. It turned out that I just found some new painting materials. And what’s amazing is that the output is in 4D! (LOL) I can see it. I can smell it. I can touch it. Most of all, I can eat it.

One Wednesday, I was cooking beef tapa for lunch. I did the instructions said: marinade in Maggi classic seasoning and pepper, and then saute. I waited for the beef tenderloin to turn brownish but it didn’t. So I looked for an ingredient to make it brown. Soy sauce! But since I so love the tandem of soy sauce and vinegar, I also poured a little of vinegar. And soy sauce and a little more until the beef looked brownish. Color to taste!And then, ready to serve…BEEF ADOBO…(LOL!) with mixed veggies!!!
“Sorry naman!” 😀
Color To Taste

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