Running Through Chapters

Of all the characters, who are to stay…until the last page?

Cliche is that, life is like a book, running through chapters. Words written, and then they happen. Words read, and then the story seems real. But of course, life is far more exciting, without question, and with all the fun, all the pain never surreal. Just real. Where would authors take their stories from? Life, of course. Or death. Somehow.

Characters abound in books. They’re elements giving life to every page while taking the readers to a breathtaking ride to the playful mind of the author. But of course, life is far more exciting, without question, as characters are countless and oftentimes…very unpredictable.
As for this book I’m reading, I’m now in a chapter where the cast is beginning to change. Just a bit. Or just a lot. I wonder what would happen to this crazy circle of girlfriends. Are they to stay until the last page? Well, maybe. Maybe not.
Kayla’s from Greenville, Mandy’s from Gothenburg. Oddie and Demi are both from Georgetown. Cait’s from Gainesville, Kim’s from Gallivare, and Farrah’s from Gambell. All in all, they come from the G World, so they’re called the G Girls. G World? Pfff, I mean, some places starting with G.
There’s one thing common in these girls (except Demi) aside from letter G. They’re in the same university – University of Pennsylvania, one of the oldest universities in America, said to be “a place to pursue knowledge beyond traditional boundaries” [1]. Besides that, they’re all in UPENN’s Annenberg School for Communication. Yeah, “comm” people, learning the art and science of human communication.
So what’s three years compared with all those years you had with your good old friends? Count from kindergarten or prep, to high school graduation. But things change. “What matters” changes. And the matters change. Age, changed personality, changed attitude, new environment, brand new experiences, what else? Perhaps, these were some of the things that started to matter at the moment our ladies realized that all they had were each other.
Nah, that’s overreacting! Of course, they had a lot of other friends besides fellow G girls. But, I suppose there was at least a reason to justify the overreacting – the candle-lit night, told in chapter 20.
The candle-lit night, as the girls called it, just happened out of the blue. It wasn’t that there was power-off. They purposely switched the lights off and lit a candle, placed it at the middle of the table, where they sat around. Sat around and talk.
Whoever spilled first, I couldn’t remember. The evening session went on like a peer evaluation, or a firing line. Well, it proceeded through the mechanics of CSC (constructive self-criticism) sessions. A name was called and she had to sit at the edge of the table where the candle stood. And then the firing line brought it on. Everyone had to say her say about the subject on post – likes and dislikes.
It rained smiles that night, both full and hesitant. Laughs and a lot of it. The OMG’s and the bad words…and the…speechlessness were like seasonings. And of course, the drops, which tried hard not to lose grip from the crimson eyes, and which failed to do so.
Kayla was never so courageous to tell the big things about herself until she met Cait, who was never less than a confidante to everyone of them. Kayla’s story was…”huge”! Huge? Yes, huge, everyone could hardly contain it. Oddie went on with the little stories of her little experiments, plus her little frustrations, if boys and love were two little things. As for Demi, she’s youngest. So, she had not much to share yet, at least, about being in college and the life attached to it. Oh, but L4D!
Cait, at that time, was almost as young as Demi in terms of experience. I mean experiment. I mean…in terms of…things. But she was actually older than Demi. So, she settled at telling about her happiness and madness with the girls. Kim had a little secret too. Not that she was once a drug addict. And although Farrah wasn’t there, she gave up her secret later on, during the girls’ slumber party where alcohol was substitute to water.
And Mandy? Well, Mandy has to keep on reading, so she could answer that question at the top. (*smiles*)
Running Through Chapters

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